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The Modafinil molecule consists of two different enantiomers, promptly called R-Modafinil and S-Modafinil. One of these is more potent at achieving greater focus and because of this companies decided to isolate this enantiomer and produce a new drug called Armodafinil. 
One of the most popular armodafinil brands is Artvigil by Signature.
Users report that this drug is much stronger than Modafinil, since it produces a stronger sense of focus and brings your attention to the tasks at hand. The length of the drug effects are quite similar, but the potency of Artvigil surely produces a significant benefit to its usefulness. This is reflected in the cost, as Artvigil is slightly more expensive than Modvigil. But it is still easy available online and people can buy Artvigil the same easy way. You can buy Artvigil at our store for the best market price.
Compared side by side, we can see that Artvigil (Signature Armodafinil)  takes more time to on-set, but also peaks higher and stronger than Modafinil. Because of this it is often deemed that Artvigil is better suited for people experiencing sleeping issues, such as narcolepsy. 
Reports indicate that a lower dose of Armodafinil is a much better option, rather than a larger dose of Modafinil, as it help you peak better and extract maximum efficacy from the drug. Considering all options is difficult, especially if you don't have experience with all of the available options, so the best way know what is better for you is to test both of them out for yourself and decide. Artvigil is the 2-nd most popular armo brand. N1 popular brand is Waklert by SunPharma.