Name: Modalert
Availability: Available
QTY Price $/pill
10 35$ 3.5$
50 50$ 1$
100 85$ 0.85$
150 120$ 0.8$
300 179$ 0.6$


Sun Pharma creation Modalert is one of the most popular Modafinil-based drugs available on the market today. Sun Pharmaceuticals industries is certified by quality-assurance and health organizations around the world, including, FD, EMA, MHRA, TGA, ANVISA, WHO, and others. What is interesting is that there are other alternatives available, but the supreme quality that a brand like Sun Pharma provides is difficult to recreate. This is the main reason because of which users all around the world are interested only in Modalert. A lot of people are able to buy modalert online with Bitcoins for a cheaper price than original Provigil brand. The product itself contains 200mg of exquisite Modafinil per pill which is produced directly by Modalert's main production facilities.


Every Modalert order you buy online will arrive in a high-quality aluminum packaging which is designed to protect the substance for a very long time, much longer than traditional plastic packaging. The aluminum blister packs enable Sun Pharma Modalert pills to stay fresh for a long time, protecting them from environmental effects such as water, allergens, or contaminants. There are 10 tablets in every blister pack, and the design and flexibility of the pack itself makes storage an easy task.

Dosage and Administration

Each of the tablets in a pack of Modalert contains 200mg of Sun Pharma Modafinil, but actually the optimal staring dosage is 100mg. This is especially true if you are taking it for the first time, since you will further lower the possibility of your body having a unique negative reaction with the substance. After a longer period of time, you can increase the dosage to the normal 200mg.