Shipping and payments

Shipping rates
All orders are shipped with free EMS service, sometimes it can be exchanged to Regular Mail service depending on the destination country customs restrictions.
We ship your order within 48 hours unless it is a weekend, holiday or some force majeure events like customs strike call or adverse weather.
You have 24 hours to cancell your order. After order is dispatched there is no way to cancel it.
You will get an email note once your order is sent to shpping facility. 48 hours later you will get a tracking number via email. Standard delivery time is 8-12 days. Deadline, latest delivery date is 17 business days.
Standard delivery time by countries:
USA – 8-12 days
UK – 5-8 days.
Australia – 7-10 days
Delivery guarantee
We guarantee free reshipment of your order or refund  in case of customs-related issues, if wrong or incomplete product is delivered or package is lost in transit.
We won’t be able to provide refund or reshipment in case order is unclaimed, incorrect or incomplete address is given. Therefore it is strongly recommended to check your shipping address given in your order confirmation. You have 24 hours to make changes.
In addition we are not able to issue a refund/reshipment if product is not working for you. Sorry about that, unfortunately modafinil doesn’t work for everyone. Over 3% of modafinil users feel no effect, or tolerance effect after significant product use.
To minimize lost it is recommended to not order in bulk making your first order. For beginners we offer Modafinil/Armodafinil trial packs.
By defult signature is required upon delivery of your order. This option is done to insure your oder is delivered to a right hands. You can cancell this option, just simply write us a note before your order is shipped out. We can ship your order with no signature requirement, however we won’t be in response if your item package is taken by an unintended recipient.
Our shipping guarantee is only intended to cover shipment and customs-related issues. In the event an incorrect address is provided, or multiple attempts to deliver your package fails, we will not be able to provide a refund or reshipment.